current to-dosEdit

  • The category tags need to be expanded a bit. Each patten needs to have the [[Category:pattern]] tag added at the bottom if it doesn't have it -- this will eventually give us an alpha list of ALL patterns.
  • Each pattern that currently only has a Farbenmix category tag and no other designer name needs to have a Sabine Pollen tag added in this format: [[Category:Sabine_Pollehn]]. Please do NOT add the Sabine tag if another designer is already credited. Thanks!
  • Also, please be on the lookout for any girl's pattern that is missing the [[Category:Girls]] tag, and if you find one, please add it!
  • Finally, every pattern page needs this line added at the top of the "sewing notes" section:

<!------------ please sign your notes and tips by putting 4 tildes ~~~~ at the end of your note, this will add your user name and the time and date you added. thanks!!-->
this will let people know how they can sign their tips and notes!

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